Truax Company Seeding EquipmentRecommended Truax Equipment For Small Grains and Beans

Based on your application we feel the following Truax products are best suited for your project.

OTG Seed Drill On The Go Grain Drill

The OTG grain drills provide the versatility and dependability  for those farmers planting mixed crops  in both no-till mode and prepared, conventional seed beds through the use of hydraulically activated no-till assemblies that raise and lower, on the go, as field conditions change.  In addition, the OTG's reduce time STEALING maintenance through the use of double row ball bearing in the double discs.  Truax is the only grass and grain drill manufactured that use these heavy duty, double row ball bearings that are commonly found only in corn and bean planter discs.

OTG Seed Drill Flex II Grain Drill

The Truax FLEX-II grain drill incorporates the same workhorse features of the time tested FLEX-II grass drill - SIMPLE AND TOUGH! With two seed boxes, one for small legumes,  timothy, and orchard grass and a second Jumbo, grain and bean  box with over 2.5 bushels per foot capacity the FLEX-II grain drill  can handle numerous and larger seeding projects. 

OTG Seed Drill Flex II Grass Drill

For the diversified farmer the Truax FLEX-II grass drill with three seed boxes, a  grain seed box, a fluffy seed box and a third legume box becomes the economical solution to variety of planting decisions. Accurate metering and placement of both beans and grain can be assured because of the time tested feed rolls that meter the seed and metal depth bands on all double discs controlling the depth of placement. The three seed boxes afford the farmer the opportunity to meter and plant a large variety of seeds, depending on seed characteristics.