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On-The-Go (OTG) Seed Drill

Go from planting no-till to conventional seed beds hydraulically – without stopping.

No stopping. No wrenches.
No adjusting. Simply move
the hydraulic lever and
continue planting, no-till
to conventional seed beds.

OTG Seed Drill

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otg seeding drillThe one drill that solves
multiple planting challenges for you.

Agriculture drills, both grain and grass, are designed to plant either as a no-till into residue or be configured to plant conventional, prepared seed beds. These drills are not versatile enough for today's farmers who demand more when faced with sites that need drills to change from one mode to another as conditions change. The Truax On-the-Go Drill adapts to your site conditions and even to seed bed variances within a field.

Five reasons the Truax On-The-Go Drill should be a part of your operation:


This is the drill you will hand down to the next generation. Its double-row bearings handle loads better than the common single-row types and extend bearing life cycle. Rubber torsion assemblies in the planters eliminate moving parts prone to wearing out. Top to bottom and side to side, we meticulously engineered this drill to last.


Seed bed variations can be overcome by the OTG's interchangeable, leading press wheels that can be moved in to place hydraulically to firm the seed bed before the double disc places the seed.



Achieve consistent seeding rates every time. The drill's output adjustment lever enables precise seed metering. Calibrate and set the drill once and return to the same output setting every time.


Site conditions and seed species may require unique seed placement. The OTG can easily adapt to plant many different types of sites. It is possible to drill with the standard double disc openers or to interchange optional imprinters for seeding surface sown species.


Different levels of crop residue on the same field can be addressed by raising and lowering the drill's hydraulically activated no-till assemblies.

Get productive seed-to-soil
placement – and save valuable time.

The Truax On-The-Go Drill handles field and seed bed variability – changing from the no-till drill configuration to drilling a prepared conventional seed bed – on the go. With the simple movement of a hydraulic lever, you save time and achieve productive seed-to-soil placement.

otg discs otg calibration otg stroke control otg high ground  

Discs with Double Row Bearings

Get more acres planted without time-stealing downtime. The Truax OTG's exclusive use of corn planter-style, double-row bearings mean you can keep planting while others are replacing or refurbishing their disc blades.

Calibration Nut

Easily calibrate the OTG Drill. Using the supplied wrench, turn the calibration nut the required 4-1/4 turns and then follow the USDA protocol for calibration. It's that simple!

Stroke Control Knuckle

New stroke control knuckles eliminate individual hanger chains, thereby delivering dependable machine weight transfer to the planters.

High Ground Clearance

12- to 14- inch ground clearance improves the transport of the drill on roadways.

Anti-Sway Torsion Arm

Heavy-duty truck style torsion arms and pivoting ball joints stabilize the OTG frame and prevent side-to-side movement.

5 speed derailer output reduction mechanism Drive wheel Disengagement digitalace acer meter grain cool box

5-Speed Derailleur

5-speed derailleur controls
output from the fluffy seed box.

Output Reduction Mechanism

Back gear output reduction for lower seeding rates from all seed boxes.

Drive Wheel Disengagement

Lock-out hub disengages driveshaft
during transport.

Digital Acre Meter

When the acre meter is easily accessed, it gets used on a regular basis. Find the OTG's accurate meter mounted on the end of the drill for easy reading – no more climbing onto the drill, looking for it next to the clutch.

Grain/Cool Season Box

Output Adjustment Minimize seed waste with the micro-adjustment mechanism on the small and cool-season boxes.

staggered openers open grate walk board optional imprinters optional press wheel

Staggered Double-Disc Openers

Staggered double-disc openers and staggered no-tills provide trash
clearance and eliminate plugging.

  • Seed from all boxes is delivered between the double disc openers. The rolling disc opener carries the seed into the soil for proper placement and optimal seed-to-soil contact.
  • Truax EZ-Off Depth Bands on every disc control planting depth. Four sizes are available to accommodate planting depths of different crops.


Soil Scrapers

Scrapers on the disc openers and the depth bands prevent moist soil from building up, compromising planting depth and seed placement.

Scrapers are located:

  • On the outside surface of the discs.
  • Inside between the double discs.
  • On the face of the depth band.


Open Grid Grate Walk Board

Open grid grate walk boards on the OTG front and back provide safe and easy access to all of the seed boxes.

Optional Interchangeable Imprinters

Specialty crops, some of which need to be surface sown, benefit from the optional interchangeable imprinters that roll and press the seed into the soil surface.

Optional Leading Press Wheel

Loose and unpacked seed beds can reduce rate of germination. The optional leading press wheel, mounted immediately in front of the double discs on the OTG, firms the seed bed and enhances seed placement.

Press wheel frame provides clearance to pass residue through without bunching or plugging.

Trouble Free Seed Flow

The Truax straight line drop design keeps the seeds moving from the seed boxes to the Drill openers.

  • Consistent delivery of seed to the openers.
  • Eliminates plugged seed passages.
Flex Grass Drill Seed Boxes

Truax Drills offer maximum control of seeding rate.

  • Independent adjustment for fine tuning each seed box output.
  • Simple derailleur speed changer sets output of fluffy seed.
  • Optional output reduction kit for low seeding rates from all boxes.
seed boxes

Daily Maintenance

A simple, central grease bank lubricates the inner rock shaft bearings.








OTG Grain and Grass Drill Specifications

TRUAX - the global leader in the manufacture of drills and planters to sow native grasses, legumes and grains has set the standard for drill features to meter and place these seeds in order to achieve optimal establishment. When reviewing the features of different brands of drills to meet your specific needs be sure to include the following which are common to all Truax drills and planters: Including the On The Go (OTG Series), Flex II Series, Trillions, and Pull Broadcasters.


  • An optional Output Reduction Kit is available to reduce seeding rates for specialized applications including low rate CRP mixes.
  • Tapered roller bearings with integral rubber seal on rear bearings used on all no·till coulters.
  • Separately metered seed boxes for grains, small seed and legumes, and a third box for fluffy native species.
  • Depth of planting controlled by metal depth bands on all planting discs.
  • Digital acre meter strategically placed on end of drill for easy access.
  • Ground clearance of disc blades when in transit will be 10" or more, press wheel clearance to be 14" or more.
  • Optional 3" x 16" smooth crown leading press wheels that are interchangeable with the leading no-till.
  • Trouble free delivery of all seeds from the seed boxes to the drill openers. This is accomplished through large seed boots and by maintaining a vertical straight-line flow in the fluffy seed boot, a nearly vertical drop from the cool season/small grain box, and a smooth tube from the small seed box.
  • Seed from all seed boxes is delivered between the double disc openers. The rolling disc opener carries the seed into the soil for proper seed placement. Seed is not broadcast behind the disc opener.
  • EZ-OFF depth bands on every double disc control planting depth. Shallow planting is required for most grass and legume species. A shallow, uniform planting depth results in a uniform seedling emergence. Depth bands are available in four sizes depending on the desired planting depth and soil texture.
  • Scrapers on the disc openers and the depth bands keep moist soil from building up and affecting planting depth and seed placement.
  • Press wheels operate independent from the planter assembly. The press wheels on Truax Drill track directly behind the disc openers to firm and press the soil around the newly planted seed without controlling the depth the planting unit is operating.
  • Interseeding or no-till drilling in crop residue or sod is easily accomplished using the concave, notched, fixed mount Trash Plows, or the optional 24 or 13 wave coulter on a caster style mount.
  • End wheel drive powers the seed metering mechanism to assure a constant flow of seed to the disc openers under all planting conditions.
  • A tongue style hitch easily converts to three-point style by adding Category 2 or 3 hitch pins to pre-drilled holes in the frame. A folding tongue is an option for ease of transport and storage.

TRUAX - has raised the bar with the introduction of the On-The-Go series of grass and grain drills. The technology "benefits" achieved with the OTG drills makes this machine the "GO TO" tool for serious production farmers. If your operation is the "best in class" then demand the OTG features on your next drill.


  • Hydraulically activated no-till raises 14" above ground for planting prepared conventional seed beds and hydraulically lowers 14" and locks into place when inter seeding or no-tilling.
  • Double row, ball bearings used on all planting discs.
  • Staggered planters with a minimum of 11" stagger between ranks.
  • Optional Brillion style 4" x 14"imprinters, interchangeable with double disc openers, to press surface sown seed such as Wyoming Big Sage into the soil.
  • Calibration procedure that requires 4 1/4 rotations of calibration nut to determine output.
  • Automotive style throw out bearings facilitate the movement of the metering shaft for both small seed, legume seed box and the cool season grain box.
  • Drill to have both a rear walk board with access ladder as well as a front metal walk board with access step to facilitate the filling of all seed boxes.
  • End wheel tires are 2:55/70 x R22.5 16 ply rating, retread or new, (specify) highway tread.
  • Dual hydraulic lockout valves on tongue.
  • Folding tongue for transport or storage.
  • Out - put reduction kit to achieve extremely low seeding rates.
  • No-till assemblies available in four styles: a) Aggressive - 13-1/2" concave, angled to line of travel for sod seeding. b) "Hi-trash"- 18" concave, mounted parallel to line of travel - works best in loose litter. c) agricultural style, 18" flat blade with 24 wave edges for light residue or crusty soils. d) agricultural style, 18" flat blades with 13 wave edges for intermediate/heavy residue.
  • Ground clearance of disc blades when in transit will be 10" or more, press wheel clearance to be 14" or more.

Specification Tables

OTG Grain Drill Specs

OTG Grass Drill Specs

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