Truax Company Seeding EquipmentRecommended Truax Equipment For Farm Conservation Programs, Improving Pollinator and Other Wildlife Habitat.

Based on your application we feel the following Truax products are best suited for your project.

OTG Seed Drill On The Go Grass Drills

The OTG versatility that allows changing from no-till mode to seeding in to a prepared seed bed best meets the conditions typically found in a CRP type seeding. Change, constant change in both the site and soil conditions. The OTG meets the needs of changing back and forth between modes, all hydraulically, to maximize seed placement.

Hand and Electric Seed Slinger Hand Seed Slinger - Electric Seed Slinger

The extreme flexibility of both Seed Slingers make it one of the best tools for the distribution of the pollinator species.  Whether reseeding logging roads by using  a hand Seed Slinger while riding up and down the regrade on horseback, seeding islands in a wetland while traveling in  a skimmer boat, or seeding fragile shorelines while walking on foot the Seed Slingers meet the challenge.

OTG Seed Drill Flex II Grass And Grain Drills

The FLEX-II drills easily convert to a pin style three point  hitch from the standard tongue  style of hitch by adding three point pins to the tongue bolt holes. FLEX drills manufactured as a three point, without end wheels, are identified as the Truax Utility Drills. These drills have single, for the FLXII-86 & 88 drill, and double knobby driving wheels on larger units, mounted the rear of the drill. Drills can be ordered either with pin style hitch or with Quick Attach hitches. Standard features  such as depth bands, mud scrapers, press wheels, help provide that all important soil to seed placement. Many times "less" is "more"!  That  is why the Truax FLEX-II grass drills are built simple, built tough, and are built to take a beating and keep on seeding.