Truax Company Seeding EquipmentRecommended Truax Equipment For Cover Crops

Based on your application selection we feel the following Truax products are best suited for your needs.

OTG Seed Drill OTG Seed Drill


  • Production agriculture demands versatility and dependability from its equipment. The Truax OTG drills, both grass and grain style, deliver the optimum seed placement by having no-till assemblies that hydraulically raise and lower on the go. Challenging litter and cover crops can be planted through because of the flexibility to raise the no-tills out of the way when encountering bare ground or lighter amounts of litter.
  • Time STEALING  maintenance is lessened through the use of double row ball bearing in the double discs. Truax OTG's are the only grass and grain drills manufactured that uses these heavy duty bearings which are commonly found only in corn and bean planter discs.
  • "Creature friendly" features of the OTG drills lessen the stress of delivering results during long, endless days in the field. For example, the acre meter is conveniently  located on the end cover for easy reading.  Walk boards on both the front and rear of the drill makes for easier loading of the seed boxes.


  • Sowing grains, beans, legumes and cool season grasses with the TRUAX  "ON THE GO" grain drills is easily accomplished  because the OTG has row dividers, agitators and metering cups to handle different sizes and types of seed.
  • Seed placement in changing field and site conditions with the "ON THE GO" drill is addressed by having no-tills that can be hydraulically raised and lowered from the tractor cab while planting, depending the amount and type of field litter.
  • Field size and project scope helps determine the size and configuration of Truax "ON THE GO" drill to utilize. The small OTG-7508, has all the features of the larger drills, yet is suited to sowing the small 10 to 20 acre projects.  Four other sizes, up to the large 15 foot OTG-7522 can all be teamed with a multi-drill hitch to provide an overall planting width of 45' to handle the larger projects.

OTG Seed Drill Flex II Series Grass Drill
  • FLEX-II grass drills are built simple, built tough, and are built to take a beating and keep on seeding.
  • The FLEX-II with three seed boxes and available optional no-tills are the workhorses of range, reclamation, and restoration contractors.
  • Interchangeable features that can be added as conditions demand have made the FLEX-II the economical solution to challenging erosion control projects around the world.

OTG Seed Drill Flex II Series Grain Drill
  • The Truax FLEX-II grain drill incorporates the same workhorse features of the time tested FLEX-II grass drill - SIMPLE AND TOUGH!
  • Seed box capacity of over 2.25 bushels per foot provides seed for the larger projects.
  • Row dividers in small seed box keeps seed flowing even on hill sides and the agitators in grain box prevents lodging and bridging when sowing the tall fescues or the smooth bromes.