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Dual Rear Drive Drills:
The contractor who needs to move drills frequently is helped with the introduction of the rear drive FlexII Drills that have dual rear driving wheels. Loading a wider drill onto a trailer is eased with the dual wheels to roll up the loading ramps. The dual driving wheels maintain constant power to the seeding mechanism in the field.
Expanded Utility Drill Line: The Truax Utility line of drills is expanded to include a quick-attach, three-point drill with dual driving wheels, in the rear, in an 8' planting width. For the big tractor operator who has a lot of close quarter planting this is the drill of choice. The rough terrain, knobby driving tires are foam filled for "flat free" maintenance while seeding.
General Services Administration (GSA):
The Truax Company has been awarded a GSA contract which will make it easier for federal agencies to directly purchase from Truax. Visit the GSA Advantage web site for full details. View our GSA menu on the Truax home page.
Wells Fargo Financing:
Truax has established an agreement with Wells Fargo Financing to help Truax equipment purchasers obtain competitive financing. View our "Equipment Financing" menu on the Truax home page.
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